Saturday, October 27, 2012

Best Free Media Players

There are many free media players available for download. This article will help you find the what is suitable for you. This will describe what are the main feature of major players.

1. KM Player

It might not popular among many of users. But this could be the best free windows based media player available. Sound quality is simply amazing and no other software is not close enough challenge by far.

There are acceptable amount of facilities provided for managing play list. Resources usage is not high and can run smoothly.

One major problem can be seen is that some versions of this software make quality worse for low resolution videos (Only Some Versions).

You can download this from

2. VLC Player

VLC is the #1 choice of majority of the users. It has a simple user interface with the required functionalities.

This is a very trustworthy software. It may not give errors or low quality out put at all.

But some times may crash due to  memory.

You can download this from

3. Media Player Classic

A simple portable software, even simpler than VLC. Many users prefer to use this may because its so light weighted. Look and feel is similar to windows media available on Windows 98. No support for maintaining play lists.

These can be considered as Top Media players for now. But there is one more software called PotPlayer which has the potential of coming to the top.

This page will get updated according to future trends of Windows based Media Players.

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