Thursday, November 1, 2012

Easy YouTube Video Downloader (Firefox Addon)

This will help you download your favourite video as
 files from best available quality to lower qualities very easily.
This also can create MP3 files out of the youtube video directly without spoling the quality.
Dowload for your Firefox from

Best Free Image Processing Software : Gimp

GIMP is the most popular open-source and free image editor available. It has some features available for Photoshop and interfaces also looks like Photoshop.This is available for Windows, Unix as well as OS X.
You can download it from

Monday, October 29, 2012

AVG Antivirus - Free

This is probably the best antivirus software you can find for free. It give a complete protection of your computer. But if you need network protection, internet protection and other system tools to enhance you system performance you have to go for the paid version.
Download free version from
***They will ask for registration. But that's for free.

Folder Lock Free

Folder Lock Free is a free software which you can use to password protect you data. It has a very user friendly interface and easy to use. Files and folders can be hidden immediately. his can hide files and folders without giving knowledge to the windows file system this is a 100% free software.
You can download this from

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Auto Call Recorder

This is a must have application for Android smart phone users. It provides users to record call automatically. This also have features to filter which calls to be recorded and decide what amount of recording data kept in the storage.
Try it yourself by downloading from

Google My Tracks

All the Android users definitely know about Google Maps. But most of you might not have heard about My Tracks. It is an free application provided by Google Inc. It is based on Google Maps and it record all your movement while you are on outdoor by using GPS technology.
Go to this link and ave a try.

Manage Your File Transfers With TeraCopy

For me the worst problem windows operating system have is with copying files simultaneously. If you tried to do more than one file copies together you are going to face a lot of troubles in Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. For example if your computer takes 1 minute to copy 1GB file and if you started two copies each with 1GB you will definitely take more than 5 minutes to copy those instead of expected 2 minutes.
Tera copy is the best free software solution for this issue. Its a really light weight software with a simple mechanism to manage you file copies.

Try it you self by downloading from